Wednesday, July 18, 2012

For Back Health… Get on the Ball! Available from CrystalMark!

Terri on ball.jpg
Back health is really important in dentistry.  Heck, a healthy back is really important in any type of human existence.  However, in dentistry, with our posture and the need to be able to perform necessary tasks while keeping the patient comfortable, back health is a necessity.
There are several different devices and ways to help promote back health in my profession.  One of them, Anteriorest was a subject of an evaluation in my office.  However, different devices offer different benefits and affect different anatomical areas.
The "ball stool" above is currently being used in my office by one of my hygienists.  It's being modeled in the photo above by my main gal and right hand dental assistant Terri.  For those of you who know her, you know that if a camera is involved she'll trample over anyone else (and anything for that matter) to get in front of it.  Hence her  appearance in this photo instead of hygienist Nikki.
We got this "ball" for Nikki as she had been experiencing pain in her legs for a while and we were thinking it had to do with her posture while seeing patients.  Nikki has never been known as a "picture of dental ergonomics" when it came to operator positioning.  She often looked more like a pretzel than a hygienist because Nikki would sacrifice her own comfort in order to make sure her patients were comfortable.  That's just how much she cares!
Utilizing the ball has helped her get more into a neutral position instead of static muscle contractions that were affecting her lower back and legs.  The ball forces you to be more balanced.  Since she's been "on the ball" which has been for over a year now, she's cut the pain in her legs and works with much less fatigue.
The device can be ordered from CrystalMark dental.  The company makes industry leading air abrasion equipment, but they also sell these amazing stools for only $139!
While not currently appearing on their website, they are in stock and can be ordered.  See the website for contact info and while you're there, you can explore the air abrasion devices they also sell.
This ergonomic operator system is highly recommended!!!


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