Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Apple's Cloud Evolution

As you can tell if you've been a regular reader of this blog, The Cloud has been an ever evolving thing for the past 2 or 3 years.  More and more companies are offering Cloud based storage and sharing.  I'm using several of these services personally as well as the DDS Rescue device in my office that helps back up my office data to The Cloud.
It's one thing to think of The Cloud as just a static sort of service, but storage size, options, and even what can be stored has certainly evolved since the not too distant past.
This past week, Apple formally closed and shelved their MobieMe service.  MobileMe was a yearly subscription based Cloud service that allowed subscribers to store files, email, calendars, contacts, etc in The Cloud.  The idea was a simple one, but it was one of Apple's most botched efforts in their history.  The finally got it working, but the launch was a disaster with all kinds of problems plaguing users.
However, many have forgotten that MobileMe was actually preceded by .Mac which was preceded by iTools.
So as MobilMe shuts down and is replaced by the now highly popular iCloud, it's important to remember that iCloud works because of the evolution and failures of other Cloud based products.   Suffice it to say that we will continue to see more of these services evolve and grow over the next couple of years.  We may actually reach a point of Cloud based apps that we run on computers we don't even own.  That would result in the dumbing down of our devices, but as long as we are getting our data, games, TV, videos, will we really care?


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