Saturday, June 2, 2012

President Obama Ordered Stuxnet Virus

Bond Goldfinger Laser.jpg
I love James Bond.  I mean, I'm into gadgets (I'll admit that) and he IS the ultimate gadget guy.  In the photo above, is a classic moment from Goldfinger in 1964.
As the laser cuts through the table and toward Bond he asks, "Do you expect me to talk?"  Goldfinger laughs and replies, "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."
Bond still rules supreme as the ultimate secret agent.  00 status means "license to kill".
It's strange that now a lot of the work that might, in the past, have been done by real world James Bond types, may now be being done by James Bond type hackers.
If you follow whenever a big computer virus hits the world, you will probably remember the Stuxnet virus that was found a while back on a lot of computers in Iran that were involved with their nuclear program.
Now comes word from the New York Times that this nasty little bug was put on those computers by US hackers.  Interesting...
Head on over the for all the details.  I personally found it a fascinating read.


  1. The world of cyber hacking and cyber warfare by governments seems to be growing all of the time.

    When you consider the quality and quantity of data that is vulnerable to being stolen, it is staggering.

    Any computer connected to the Internet is vulnerable and there isn't much that can be done to change that.

    I have no doubt governements are using cyber tactics to their best advantage.

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.