Friday, June 1, 2012

Econo-Keys - Keyboards & Mice Made to Take the Abuse of the Health Care Environment

Whenever I'm out speaking on technology, I get questions about how to prevent cross contamination in a treatment setting.  Two of the courses that I give on a regular basis are "The Complete Recipe for the Paperless Office" and "Day to Day Technology to Improve Your Practice".  Both of these lectures have segments that deal with how to setup a treatment area that allows for digital input.
There are lots of ways to deal with the issue, but one of the best ways… and judging from audience response, one of the ways offices are most interested in, is keyboards & mice that can be directly disinfected.
That's right!  Imagine using a keyboard and/or a mouse that can be directly disinfected by the use of some type of a surface cleanser.  That is where products from Econo-Keys come in.  These devcies can be sprayed & wiped with 10% bleach solutions, 70% ethanol solutions, or even placed under ultraviolet radiation.  That means that your electronic input devices can be put through the same rigorous disinfection procedures that you use on your countertops. Imagine, no more clear plastic wrap barriers that interfere with key action and make using a trackpad next to impossible.
The ability to surface disinfectant your electronic input devices decreases clutter, simplifies your disinfection procedures, and streamlines the workflow of getting ready for the next patient. Add to this, the fact that these devices can be purchased for under $200 in these products truly are game changers.
The devices are even wireless operating on a 2.4 GHz signal that has an effective operating range of 10 m. This means that in a dental environment you can sit side-by-side with the patient and educate via a monitor while having full control of the computer by simply holding a keyboard with a trackpad in your lap.

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