Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The 30 Best iPhone Apps… According to Fox

iPhone 4s.jpeg
I'm personally not a huge fan of Top "Anything" Lists as I find them to be entirely too subjective.  However, they are great jumping off points to deal with whatever subject they happen to be covering.  So you won't find me doing one any time soon.  About the closest I ever get to it is doing my Top 5 or Top 10 Test Drives for Dental Products Report and that's only based on things I've seen that year.
So, since I don't really do Top Lists, I thought I'd share a link to one from the Foxnews website.  Oh, and while I don't really like Top Lists, I've got to say that this is a pretty good one.  I agree with most of their selections and I even found a couple that I didn't have that I proceeded to download.  Enjoy!


  1. enjoy
    Art Apps:
    Paid - Art Gallery Premium ($0.99)
    Free - Sketchbook Pro

    Music Apps:
    Paid- Sound-hound ($6.99)
    Free - Pandora, Last.FM

    Picture Effect:
    Free - Picture Effect Magic

    Apple Logo,

    Free - Scramble with friends
    Paid - Angry Birds, Bit Pilot

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