Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Jersey Society of Periodontists is Now on Social Media


Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Being Used to Share Information about
Gum Disease, Dental Implants, and Oral Health 

Morganville, NJ (May 29, 2012) The New Jersey Society of Periodontists (NJSP) recently launched a social media program in an effort to connect consumers and other healthcare professionals with New Jersey’s board certified periodontists and provide access to the latest information regarding gum disease, dental implant surgery, and general oral health. 

The society plans on using social media as an interactive communication channel for its members to discuss the underestimated severity of gum disease, as well as providing tips on how to maintain optimum oral health and when to consider dental implants.

Additionally, social media will be used to update current members on upcoming events; share case studies, photographs, and videos; and encourage referral relationships between periodontists and other healthcare professionals.

According to NJSP president Dr. Scott Zirkin, “Social media is a great tool to keep New Jersey’s periodontists connected and engaged with our state’s informed consumers and vast network of highly qualified dentists, hygienists, physicians, and nurses.”


The NJSP can currently be found on the following social networking platforms: Twitter (, Facebook (, and, for professional use, LinkedIn ( 

“We couldn’t ignore the powerful impact social media has had on society,” added Dr. Zirkin. “We’re excited about connecting with the community and sharing information that could provide people with healthier gums, replacements for missing teeth, and, in turn, improved overall health and quality of life.”

About the New Jersey Society of Periodontists:

The New Jersey Society of Periodontists (NJSP) is an organization of New Jersey dentists who specialize in the art, science, and practice of periodontics, including dental implants.  The group is dedicated to advancing the knowledge base and understanding of periodontal diseases, as well as advancing ideas in the surgical techniques of implantology.  The NJSP seeks to explore and discuss problems of mutual interest with those in the practice of periodontics and implant dentistry.  It supports the public, periodontists, and all dental professionals involved in the oral care of patients of all ages.  For more information, please visit  The NJSP can also be found on these social media networks: Twitter (, Facebook (, and, for professional use, LinkedIn ( 


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