Friday, May 11, 2012

Many Hybrid Owners Would Not Purchase a Hybrid Again

Tahoe Hybrid.jpg
It seems that the green technology powering today's hybrid vehicles has lost its shine for many owners according to a story of
Being a hybrid owner myself, I decided to check into it.  It seems there are a couple of reasons, one is not recouping the initial cash outlay and the other is manufacturers overstating vehicle statistics.
As far as the costs, most hybrid vehicles will cost about $5000 more than their gasoline powered counterparts.  This means that the owner needs to hang onto them longer to see the return on investment.  With many in America changing vehicles like I change my socks, keeping a new vehicle pass the six-year mark is a rarity. This means that the initial $5000 extra outlay of cash is not recovered simply because the vehicle was traded before it has a chance to deliver its hybrid savings and eliminate the upfront cost.
The other reason for disillusionment with hybrids is, simply stated, the fact that many owners feel that mileage statistics are overstated. Many owners of  hybrid vehicles that are small make the purchase thinking of tremendous gas mileage. However, when that doesn't materialize disillusionment quickly sets in.
Personally, as a hybrid owner I find the above information to be exactly the reason why I decided to purchase my hybrid Tahoe. I have a tendency to hang onto vehicles simply because I really dislike car payments. My last vehicle, a Dodge Durango, lasted me 10 years. Also I found the mileage indicated on the sticker the day I bought it to be pretty much in line with what I've experienced. I knew buying an SUV would mean lower gas mileage than a compact. However, my life dictates that I need the extra room.
I'm happy to report that the Tahoe is still averaging between 20 and 21 mpg in combined highway in city driving. The gas powered version gets similar numbers on the highway, but around 12 in the city. I truly feel like I'm getting my “money's worth” with the technology as well as doing my part to make our planet a better place.


  1. Its unfortunate that they have buyers remorse sometimes. I think the hybrids make a perfect marriage of electric and gas cars. The elctric cars leave alot to be desired with their short running times before needing recharge.

  2. Agreed. I bought my hybrid in an effort to do my part. I figured that anything I could do to leave the world a better place would help.

    I've been very happy with my choice especially since gas prices have risen so steeply.

    I truly feel that everyone doing their part, even if it is just a little can make a profound difference for all of us.