Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Provia Labs Expands its Store-A-ToothTM Dental Stem Cell Banking Program to Encourage Dental Professional and Patient Participation

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Free Education, Online Tools and Dedicated Support  Making it Easier for Dental Professionals to Provide the Dental Stem Cell Preservation Option to Patients

Lexington, MA (April 2, 2012) – Provia Laboratories, LLC recently expanded its Store-A-ToothTM offering to dental professionals by making it easier for dentists and hygienists to provide patients the opportunity to preserve their family’s stem cells.

Specifically, the company’s Store-A-Toothservice enables families to save their own adult stem cells – from baby teeth ready to fall out, teeth pulled for orthodontic reasons, and extracted wisdom teeth.

Dental professionals play a role in making patients aware of the dental stem cell banking option, giving families the choice to safely and securely store their stem cells today – in a convenient and affordable way – so that they can take advantage of future therapies in regenerative medicine and dentistry, including those being studied for type 1 diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, spinal cord injuries, and Parkinson’s disease, to name a few.

“We have made dental stem cell banking more accessible for consumers by offering multiple options for financing, prepayment, and family plans,” said Provia Labs CEO Howard Greenman.  “Our intent is to become true partners with the dental community in educating the public about the potential of dental stem cells and in providing a viable option to interested consumers.
We realized that the best way to forge this partnership was to eliminate any extra steps for
the dentist.”

Provia Labs provides authorized Store-A-Tooth dental professionals with a turnkey program to launch the service in their practices – dedicated phone support plus free patient education, practice-building tools, CE, and training for the team – all available for free via an easy-to-access online provider portal. “We want to ensure that our authorized providers can help their patients make an informed decision for their families,” said Greenman.

The company is also developing a new Stem Cell Educator program designed for hygienists and other team members, recognizing their crucial role in talking to patients about dental stem cells. In addition, for clinicians who access the course through the Store-A-Tooth website, the company offers 2 free CE credits for its recently published CE course, Dental Stem Cells: A Guide for the Dental Professional.

Participating dental teams and their families receive professional courtesy pricing on tooth processing, as well as an optional consideration per case for in-office tooth collection. “The most credible recommendations come from those who actually use a product or service,” explained Greenman. “We’re making it easy for dental professionals to experience and advocate the Store-A-Tooth Service.”

Provia Labs partners with dental offices to make it easy to educate and inform patients about the option to preserve their family’s dental stem cells. For those interested in the service, Provia works with the dental team to provide high-quality tooth collection and arranges for the sample to be sent overnight to the lab, where the stem cells are harvested, tested, and cryopreserved for future potential use.

The Store-A-Tooth service is currently available to dental offices throughout the United States and internationally. To become a provider, call 877-867-5753, or visit www.store-a-tooth.com.

About Provia Laboratories, LLC

Headquartered in Lexington, MA, Provia Laboratories, LLC (www.provialabs.com) is a healthcare services company specializing in high-quality biobanking (preservation of biological specimens). The company’s Store-A-Tooth service platform enables the collection, transport, processing, and storage of dental stem cells for potential use in future stem-cell therapies. The company advises industrial, academic, and governmental clients on matters related to the preservation of biological specimens for research and clinical use. In addition, Provia offers a variety of products for use in complex biobanking environments to improve sample logistics, security, and quality.


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