Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Microsoft Announces Support of Windows XP to End in 2014


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When the end of Windows 98 approached, no one wanted to change their operating system.   Microsoft had finally gotten it right and  had done so with a product they called Windows 98.  However, there was a big difference between what Microsoft had created with 'Windows XP.  For the first time the gang in Redmond had created an OS for the home that was based on the NT kernel.
This mean that the stability and power of the Wndow's NT platform had gone from the server to the work station.
Windows XP flat out rocked the workstation world.  It was stable, genuine, and ran… and ran…   and ran without needing a reboot of any type.
Users rejoiced and my office, running Eaglesoft from Patterson dental, began cranking like never before.  I personally credit Windows XP and its stability with single handily bringing digital charting and digital x-ray mainstream.
However, all good things must come to an end… and so it must be wit little boys and their toys… oh and even big boys and their toys.  Starting in April of 2014, Microsoft will end its support for Windows  XP and with that, begin forcing users to upgrade to another OS version.
Needless to say, some will not be happy about this, but they've done about all they can do with XP.  The OS is now over 10 years old and that's more like dog years or worse.
Furthermore with Windows 8 beginning to peak above the horizon and all the cool bells & whistles it will  hold, I really can't thing of a good reason to run that type of legacy hardware.


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