Monday, April 9, 2012

Mac Viruses on the Rise!


Mac Virus.jpeg
For years, Mac users smugly looked upon antivirus software.  Sure, you could put a program on our Mac, but you really didn't need it.
However, that was really more of a numbers game than anything else. When you're going to write software that can steal from the masses, why steal from 5% when you conceal from 95%? That was the choice faced by those writing virus software. Windows had such a large market share that there was no use going after the slimmer and smaller pickings of folks who were running the Mac OS.
But as Bob Dylan said,” the Times they are a changing”. We now see that the Mac OS has growing continues to grow in market penetration. Because of this we are now seeing more and more nefarious web programming being aimed at the operating system running today's Apple computers.
At this point in time in the Apple user who chose you that antivirus software is not necessary for their operating system is either drink too much Cupertino Kool-Aid or is just sadly uninformed. Make no mistake about there is a growing number of programmers and implementers who are targeting the Mac OS.
The good news is there are also a growing number of strong and legitimate antivirus software companies that are writing amazing antivirus programs that support the Mac OS.
To that end my current favorite is F-Seucre.   this is an amazing program that comes in versions to protect both your Windows and Macintosh PCs.
On  this past Saturday I made the investment of installing F-Secure on my MacBook Pro that travels the world with me. I cannot afford to have the machine that is my right arm become infected. I highly recommend F-Secure for any computer that you happen to own.
If you have a Mac, my opinion is that it is now time to make sure that you are well protected from the groundswell of viruses that are coming.


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