Sunday, April 29, 2012

iPad 3 Initial Impressions

iPad 3a.jpg
If you're a regular reader, then you know I was lucky enough to get an iPad 3 the second week in April.
While I haven't had just tons of time to use it, I *have* had enough time to give you my overall impressions of Apple's latest and greatest tablet device.
  • Battery LIfe:  Outstanding, but that is not something that surprised me.  This thing can go pretty much all day and part of a second before needing a charge.
  • Speed: While the original iPad (which I own, but did not buy a 2) really wasn't a slouch when it came to processor speed, the iPad 3 is faster by an obvious margin.
  • Camera: Any camera in a portable device is not something that will equal a "real" camera at this point in time, but the convenience of having one in a tablet is huge.  Add to that the ability to shoot HD video, and thats make it better.  The camera still tends to shoot like a cell phone type camera, but I love having it in the tablet.
  • Size: They just keep making these things thinner… but then every time I get one, I encase it in a rugged and thick protective box.  Obviously for me, the size isn't as important as protecting my investment…
  • Sound: About as good as you can expect from tiny speakers.  If you really want great sound though, plug it into some Bose speakers designed for a laptop.
  • iCloud: This is getting better & better.  I still think Android is doing the whole Cloud thing better, but Apple is moving in the right direction.
  • Screen: This is really the most incredible part.  The screen is just amazing.  Viewing high res photos on it is something you really do have to experience to appreciate.
  • Apps: Apple has always owned the App world, and they continue to do so.  I am just blown away by the graphics on the apps and what they can do.  There are definitely pluses and minuses to Apple's "closed system" but one of the big pluses can be seen by looking at their Apps versus everyone else's.

Overall, the iPad experience just keeps getting better.  Unless I'm giving a lecture, I rarely carry my MacBook Pro with my anymore.  I can do so much with the iPad 3.  It just keeps getting better.

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