Monday, April 30, 2012

Google Drive - Initial Impressions

Google Drive.jpg
Last week I was lucky enough to get a Google Drive account.  It's not like people didn't know it was coming.  Heck, Google Drive was probably one of the worst kept tech secrets in quite some time.  Apple would've flipped had something like this leaked so precipitously before launch.
But be that as it may, Google Drive is here and I was one of the lucky ones to grab an account early.  It was just dumb luck on my part, but hey, Babe Ruth once said, "I'd rather be lucky than good."  That certainly applies to me.
Now I haven't had tons of time to work with it yet.  I was just in Minneapolis at The Star of the North dental meeting last week, but I have had a little time to play with it and here are my initial thoughts.
Google Drive is designed to take the place of Google Docs, long term.  So… if you've ever used Google Docs, the interface is going to look familiar to you.  In fact, once you have a Google Drive account, typing in the address for Google Docs takes you to your Drive.  It's that simple.
You start out with a base of 5GB, which is the same storage you get with iCloud.  Coincidence?  I think not.  However, if you need more storage, it's available for a price.
When I went to my Google Drive page it suggested I download Google Drive for Mac.  I agreed and the program created a Google Drive folder on my Mac that is kept in sync with the Cloud and any other device with a Google Drive folder.  Now your Docs and other files are available on AND off-line.  Make changes in one place and they are synced everywhere.  Slick!
I'm currently using Sugarsync which now might be considered a competing product.  However, if Google Drive continues to operate as well as it has, I may go to Drive exclusively.  Google already has my music stored via Google Play and they are doing that for free.  I kind of like the idea of one place for everything.  My big curiosity is how Apple responds when an iOS version of this shows up...
Overall, Google Drive is working well and I'm happy with it.  Happy enough that I may pony up the cash for more storage.  That alone speaks volumes of what I think about the service...


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