Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apple's iPad 3 Is In the House!!!

iPad 3 Multi View.jpg
Apple's iPad 3 Is In the  House!!!  And I mean that literally.  As in… the iPad 3 is in the house, this house.  You know… my house.  My domicile.  Where I live, the crib.  One could even say, "The iPad is in myPad" if one was so inclined (or even if one wasn't), it would still be a correct statement.
Q1 here in the whirlwind that sometimes is referred to as "my life" has been an interesting one.  I've been in more places these last months than I can honestly remember.  The trips have been frequent and fun, but as anyone who has lived that life can tell you, life on the road is difficult.
So this week I'm off the road, which is a blessing for me.   Instead of traveling, I'm speaking this week at the MidWest Dental Conference here in KC.  It's a nice change of pace, especially since this is my 25th Reunion of my dental graduation and I've been chosen to speak.  I'm truly honored and I'm also looking forward to seeing lots of my comrades in arms from back when my hair was dark!
Also, this is a great week for me as I celebrated my birthday today and this Friday (that's right, Friday the 13th) my beautiful bride and I will celebrated 21 years of marriage.  That's a lot of celebrations in one week, i know..
And now, let's add to it one more little tidbit that makes it even more special.  Today when I arrived home, I was greeted with a new iPad 3!!!
As most of you regular readers know, I was quick to pull the trigger on  the iPad 1 and even was one of the first to grab the Motorola Xoom Android tablet as well.  However, I wasn't as quick to lineup for the iPad 2.  I just had 2  tablets that were great and I wasn't bowled over with the iPad 2… at least not enough to spend the money for the 64GB version because… well… I  *have* to get the 64GB version.
However, now with the iPad 3 I was sufficiently behind the tech curve to be able to justify it.  So now, it sits here in my hot little techie  hands and I can just feel the Apple techie goodness oozing up from within...
I already have it synched up and all the updates have been applied.  I'll be reporting back more as I tinker and salivate.  Let the games… oh and the apps… begin!!!


  1. Hey John,

    Happy Birthday!!! and Anniversary!!! and happy iPad 3, too.

    I just got one too...resolution is really very good.

    Take care,

    Bart Miller

  2. Hey Bart!

    Really, really digging the Retina Display and the speedy processor. Ya just gotta love birthdays!

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