Wednesday, March 7, 2012

iPad 3 Announcement Expected Today

No company probably loves secrecy more than Apple.  The folks in Cupertino have managed, over the years, to keep an amazing cover over some of the hottest tech products in history.  Speculation always abounds whenever there is an official Apple event… and today is no exception.  Today in San Francisco Apple has scheduled such an event.  The timing of which corresponds pretty well with the design/release schedule of the iPad product line.


Does this mean that the iPad 3 will be debuted today?  Probably.  Of course there well could be some other product  that is launched while Apple moves through the remaining inventory of iPad 2's, but that is doubtful.  Apple has been pretty consistent in sticking to the cycle of an iPad upgrade every year (similar to the iPhone) and making those announcements in the first quarter.


I'm anticipating a new iPad with some upgrades like a faster processor, improved display, maybe faster wireless and maybe Siri.  Those last 2 are a bit on the edge, but I'd like to see them.


Don't anticipate as radical an upgrade this time as there as between the original iPad and the iPad 2.  Usually in tech, the first model upgrade is fairly drastic while following models offer more modest improvements...

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