Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dentsply Caulk Updates SureFil SDR Flow


Surefil SDR.jpg
The success of SureFil SDR Flow has been pretty amazing in dentistry.  The product has gained wide acceptance and has been used for over 10 million applications worldwide.
While this is obviously a reason for celebration by the folks at Caulk, they haven't just sat back and rested.  They've continued to look at ways in the lab to make the product even better.
To that end, I've received word from Dentsply that there have been some improvements to this already outstanding product.  They are as follows:
  • SureFil SDR Flow is now available in syringe delivery as well as compile delivery
  • The product can now be used as a pit and fissure sealant
  • It can be used as not just a base, but as a complete restorative material for Class I restorations
  • Filling of defects and undercuts in crown, inlay, and only preparations (Core Build Up)

You can check out the website for more info and to also request a free sample of the  product in the new syringe delivery.



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