Monday, March 12, 2012

Consuming Media vs Creating Media

It's been said before… and a lot more eloquently than I've ever said it, but this whole tablet revolution is great when you are taking, but not so great if you are giving.
Apple is now making a push to get text books onto the iPad, and I think that is a great idea.  Many people are saying that the touch screen makes reading a whole new experience and has changed the way we interact with written material.
I would argue that.  It's not the touch screen that has changed things, it's the form factor combined with the touch screen that has done it.
The original iPad shell was finished when Jobs & company realized you couldn't just swoop down with one hand and scoop it off the table.  Due to that flaw, the Apple brain trust reworked the case to make the "scoop" as easy as possible.  The feel and the form factor is what gets you intimate with the device.
Granted the touch screen scroll or page turn is nice, but the Kindle has done pretty well with turning the pages with a button.  No, it's that comfy "hold it in  your hand" feeling that got me to read almost exclusively from a tablet.
Now we need a way to get the tablet to create media.  Taking notes is almost easier on my Tablet PC than on my iPad or my Motorola Xoom.
I came across an great article that discusses the points of getting the tablet to let us take notes as well as to read notes.

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