Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Apple's App Store Passes 25 Billion Downloads… Here are the Most Popular

App Store 25 bil.png


With the ever increasing popularity of the iPhone and the iPad we really shouldn't be shocked by this… but actually I am.  25 billion?  Who is buying all these apps?  This is just flat out amazing to me.


Of course, I'm not much of a game player.  My choice of apps run more to organizational things and, perhaps my favorite, the Starbucks app.


However, a lot of you out there are downloading a ton of apps.  For the curious, here are the top 10 from a few different categories via the Cult of Mac:


All-Time Top Free iPhone Apps
1. Facebook
2. Pandora Radio
3. Words with Friends Free
4. Skype
5. The Weather Channel ®
6. Google Search
7. Google Earth
8. Angry Birds Free
9. Shazam
10. Netflix

All-Time Top Paid iPhone Apps
1. Angry Birds
2. Fruit Ninja
3. Doodle Jump
4. Cut the Rope
5. Angry Birds Seasons
6. Words with Friends
7. Tiny Wings
8. Angry Birds Rio
9. Pocket God
10. Camera+

All-Time Top Free iPad Apps
1. Angry Birds HD Free
2. The Weather Channel® for iPad
3. Netflix
4. Skype for iPad
5. Kindle
6. ABC Player
7. Pandora Radio
8. Angry Birds Rip HD Free
9. CNN App for iPad
10. Words with Friends HD Free

All-Time Top Paid iPad Apps
1. Pages
2. Angry Birds HD
3. Angry Birds Seasons HD
4. Penultimate
5. Scrabble for iPad
6. Fruit Ninja HD
7. GarageBand
8. GoodReader for iPad
9. Angry Birds Rio HD
10. Cut the Rope HD

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