Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thanks to Ivoclar Vivadent for a Great Visit

Ivoclar Vivadent Logo.jpeg
One of the nice things about doing what I do, is the opportunities it gives me to meet people and learn about products.
Last Friday I got a chance to spend the day with the crew at Ivoclar Vivadent's facility in Amherst, New York.  I spent the entire day with different members of the team learning about their different products and even learning about some things that are in the pipeline, but not yet available.
I'm not at liberty to discuss some of the things I found out, but I can tell you about one of them.  At the Chicago MidWinter Meeting in a couple of weeks, you'll be able to see and purchase their newest LED curing light, the BuePhase Style.  You can see it in my Flickr Photostream to the right here on the blog page, just below my photo.
I also learned tons about Emax, cements, and the Ivoclar composites.
One of the highlights of the trip was a tour of their research lab where I got to see some things they are working on as well as getting a chance to check out their new electron microscope and a "chewing simulator".  This device actually simulates chewing cycles so that materials can be gauged as to how they wear, stand up to occlusal forces, etc.
The pic below is me with this pretty cool device.  Photo courtesy of my pal Dr. Lou Graham.  I had a great time at Ivoclar and I came away impressed with the company and the people that work there.  It's definitely a company devoted to "passion, vision, innovation".


  1. Can you elaborate on what you learned regarding eMax crowns- cad vs pressed, indications, etc. With the cost of gold/metal, I have been doing more all ceramic crowns- Bruxzir, Lava, etc- and would love to know your opinions on the various types of all ceramic crowns.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that you've done excellent job :)
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