Saturday, February 18, 2012

MIS Implants/PeriZone™ Video Explains Mechanism of Action for its PerioPatch® Hydrogel Wound Dressing for Oral Pain and Inflammation

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Fair Lawn, NJ (February 14, 2012) – MIS Implants Technologies, a leading manufacturer of dental implants and superstructures, recently created an animated video that clearly displays the mechanism of action for its oral wound management product, PerioPatch®, the first product from its newly-established  brand within the oral health division, PeriZone™.


The PeriZone PerioPatch was created to provide relief from the signs and symptoms of oral inflammation and trauma, as well as protect oral wounds from further irritation.The patch, with a unique combination of herbal ingredients, securely adheres to moist intraoral tissues upon contact, providing a gentle, shielding barrier. PerioPatch absorbs wound exudates, and in turn promotes natural healing.


MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd. created the video to identify the appropriate patient profile, demonstrate proper application, and display the healing process with assistance from PerioPatch in a format that is visually compelling and easy to understand. In the length of one minute and ten seconds, the company intends to provide this information to dental professionals quickly and clearly.


The video can be found on PeriZone’s website (, or by clicking here, and will officially be introduced to the dental community at the upcoming Chicago Midwinter Meeting, booth #4727.


The PeriZone brand is new to the dental landscape, having launched in June of 2011, and strives to provide dental professionals and patients with state-of-the-art oral healthcare products that are unparalleled in quality and performance.

About MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd.

MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd., headquartered in Israel, was founded in 1995 and has served as a leading high-tech research and dental implant production company for many years. The company spans the globe, with distribution in almost 70 countries worldwide, and specializes in the complete cycle of production – including the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of an advanced comprehensive range of dental implants, superstructures, surgical kits, and tools, as well as the newly developed line of oral health products. MIS has been committed to providing the dental community with significant research and top-of-the-line products that continually keep their customers smiling. The 2011 launch of PeriZone™, reflects this same commitment to dental professionals and consumers worldwide. The oral health division’s goal is to provide dental professionals with superior, innovative products to ensure the greatest level of patient care.


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