Saturday, February 4, 2012

Henry Schein begins shipping Dentrix G5 on February 2nd as part of extended launch Official launch announcement set for Hinman in March

In a continuing effort to try and bring you technology information on both dental tech and tech in general, I've received the following info courtesy of Henry Schein.  I'm grateful for the support of companies who realize the readers of this blog appreciate the cutting edge info I try to provide.  I'm honored to say that, more and more, I'm getting info that hits the blog here before it hits anywhere else.


To that end, here is a cutting edge announcement that should be of interest to Dentrix users...


Henry Schein, on February 2nd,  began shipping Dentrix G5, the latest version of the Dentrix practice management system, as part of a phased release that will take several months.

Although the official launch announcement will not be made until the Hinman Dental Meeting in March, Henry Schein is delivering Dentrix G5 to new Dentrix buyers, as well as a restricted number of Dentrix customers as part of a controlled launch. “By extending the release over multiple months, we can ensure all users receive quality technical support if needed during software installation,” said Howard Bangerter, Dentrix Product Manager.

“However, if a Dentrix user on a current customer plan wants immediate delivery of Dentrix G5, they can call Dentrix Technical Support and we’ll send it,” Bangerter added.

New to Dentrix G5 is an improved, SQL database with encryption capabilities that improves performance and security of patient data.

With this release, Dentrix also becomes a “platform” for connecting with other dental applications, providing tighter integration with Dentrix eServices and third-party applications that access or share Dentrix data. “Providing other software developers the Dentrix G5 programming interface enables them to more easily create applications that work with Dentrix, supporting an entire ecosystem of digital solutions for dental practices,” Bangerter said.


Software developers are already releasing Dentrix G5-integrated versions of their dental applications. To see a list of vendors developing or releasing compatible products, visit:


Dentrix G5 includes a number of new and improved features, including:

  • Electronic Explanation of Benefits (eEOB) lets practices receive, review and automatically record remittance advice in the Dentrix Ledger.
  • eClaims Attachment Notifications warn users to include attachments on insurance claims for carriers that require them, reducing rejected or delayed claims.
  • The new Screen Capture utility lets users drag over any part of the visible screen to create a new document and save it to the Document Center.  This is especially useful for creating claims attachments.
  • Sequentially Numbered Daysheets record each time the Daysheet is printed or previewed.  When combined with logon passwords it creates a gapless record that shows who has accessed the Daysheet and when.
  • Dentrix Dentalink is a new add-on feature that provides secure instant messaging, letting users easily communicate throughout the office with minimal disruption to patient care and workflow.
  • The new Dentrix Mobile upgrade is an add-on product that presents an improved interface designed specifically for Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom tablet users.

For more information on all of Dentrix G5’s new features, visit:


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  1. Sounds like this updated software is going to be great. I know my dentist in Elk Grove CA is going to love this! Technology definitely continues to redefine norms. Thanks for the great post!