Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Exorvision Scores Again with New ET19ATM Monitor

Exorvision ET 19ATM.jpg
I've been a huge fan of Exorvision monitors for several years now.  If you have ever tried one, you'll know why immediately.  If you haven't ever tried one, go to the MidMark booth at the next meeting you attend and check them out.
Exorvision makes monitors specifically designed for the healthcare market and work space.
This means that they are designed with the idea of viewing radiographs & other medical/dental images from design to implementation.  I've been using these monitors for years and have always come away impressed by their clarity, brightness, and contrast ratio.
However, it doesn't stop there.  Their monitors are water sealed (meaning you can wipe them down germicidal solutions), have a glass front that is easily cleansed without worrying about destroying the LCD, are anti-glare, have a wide viewing angle, and function with a 12 volt 5mp power supply.
One of the best compliments that I can give them is the story that once I had a dental IT consultant stop by my office for a meeting.  When he saw the Exorvision monitors, his first comment was "Whoa, you went high end on the displays!"
So for the last 2 or 3 months I've been trying and tinkering with one of their newest models, the ET 19 ATM.  It is the model in the photo above.  This thing is flat out amazing.  It has HDMI (in a dental monitor!), a TV tuner which easily connects directly to cable TV, has every input that you can imagine (VGA, addio, video, S-video, Component, HDMI) , and has a brightness of 400 nits that makes viewing and diagnosing from radiographs tremendously easy even in brightly lit areas.  It's also remote controlled meaning that the  patient can channel surf during the appointment.
The images are crisp and clear and the unit has functioned perfectly.  If you are looking for a monitor company that can provide everything a doctor needs, definitely give Exorvision a look.  I'm a big fan for a reason… they make my job and the results my patients get easier and more reliable.

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