Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Could Google be Hard at Work on "Terminator Glasses"?

terminator view.jpg
For all of us who channel our inner geek on a daily basis… or for those of us who just flat out let the geek pop out and take over our lives, few things "get our geek on" like the Terminator.  There is just something about a cyborg and especially the one in the movies that gets the geek blood pumping.
So you can imagine how I reacted when I read a recent article on about a Google project that aims to create a device referred to as "Terminator Glasses".
The "classic" view from the glasses in the movie is seen at the top of this post.  The basic idea is that Terminator Glasses are a device that provides the person wearing them wit information about this surroundings, other beings within range, etc.
The idea of the Google glasses, which leaked last week, is that just like we currently access our smartphones for info, we will instead access our glasses.  The device will reportedly be powered by the Android OS and will use two small LED displays to project an image into the eyes of the wearer.  I camera that will be built in could track movements of the user's hands and gestures to allow the display to function more or less as a phone/computer screen.
Imagine seeing someone at a meeting or party and having facial recognition software tell you who they are, the last time you interacted, their spouse & kids names, etc.  That's of course if the software were available and working.  Of think of seeing a new car and immediately getting all the pertinent stats including the invoice price.  These are just a couple of things that are not that far outside the realm of possibility.
If there is a list somewhere to sing up for beta testing, then let me start camping out now.  This is one of those cool gadgets that I would love to help work on.  You know, there's got to be a dental application there somewhere...
The rumor is that the glasses should be available before the end of 2012 and will cost between $250 and $600.

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