Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beam Brush Sends Toothbrushing Stats to Your Smartphone


Beam Brush.jpg
Here is the marriage between home dental care and high tech, at least in some ways.
The Beam Brush is a Bluetooth enabled device that will send information from the brush to a Beam Brush app on your Android powered smartphone.  This enables the owner of the pone to track brushing times and habits.  It appears from the website that multiple brushes can be paired with a single phone so that mom or dad can keep up with the bruising of an entire  household.
The app even features a timer that appears on the screen of the phone to let you see how long you've been brushing.  The app can also provide educational modules from "top professional resources" although the actual resources were not mentioned.  However, the feature I was most interested in is the ability of the app to email brushing info to the dentist.  That info could then be saved and added to the patient's digital chart helping us discover ways to improve home care!
The app and brush communicate so the app will alert you when it is time to replace the brushed which should cost about the amount of a normal toothbrush.
The device is not a powered toothbrush, it is your run of the mill "normal" hand operated model.   I'm not sure what the price is, but if it is affordable enough, I could see this being a nice adjunct to patent home care.
I can see this being handy for a busy family who really needs to check up on their kids & their bruising habits.  Although, the range of BlueTooth is only 10 meters so the phone is going to have to be in fairly close proximity to the brush while it is being used.
At first glance (although I've been wrong before) this seems like a 1/2 way point between a true manual brush and a powered one such as SoniCare or Oral-B.
I'm going to contact the company and see if I can get more info or samples.  If so, I'll definitely report back on this.



  1. A set of Photoshop & GIMP brushes composed of various light beams and rays of light. It includes beams like those from spotlights, sunlight like you would see coming through branches, lighthouse light beams, sunburst type effects (full circles as well as half and three quarters of the burst), and even some particles to add to your beams of light to make it look like floating dust.