Thursday, January 5, 2012

Offices Receiving Fraudulent ADA Dues Statements via Fax

Although this post doesn't strictly deal with technology, it does deal with social engineering which is a way that lots of passwords are stolen & lots of thieves get valuable information that they use to steal from honest folks.  So to that end, here is information that I've received from the Missouri Dental Association:


The MDA office has learned today that some members in Missouri – and in other states – are being faxed fraudulent ADA membership invoices.

The MDA reported the concern to ADA and learned that the questions/concerns are flowing in through a number of channels from a number of states. The ADA Legal team is working on identifying the culprit through Massachusetts (the supposed source on the invoice) and pulling in IT to see if there was some breach of member data.

Expect to see an issues alert from ADA as soon as possible. In the meantime, MDA wanted to alert our members and provide some information about this issue.

  • Click here to see a copy of the fraudulent ADA dues statement, received by an MDA member and shared with the MDA.
  • Click here to see a copy of an MDA dues statement (which would include information in black ink, on top of the blue background).
  • Please note that all dues statements originate at the state level (MDA), not at the national level (ADA) or local level (component society).
  • Please note that the MDA does not share faxes or emails with any outside entity (members' practice information – address and phone – are available through both the MDA and ADA Find a Dentist).

Again, please watch for information from the ADA about this issue and if the MDA has any additional information to share specific to Missouri, we will send it in an enews.

If you have any questions about your MDA membership, please contact the MDA office by emailor at 573-634-3436 or 800-688-1907.

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