Monday, January 9, 2012

An IPhone For Me… At Last!

iPhone 4S.jpg
For years now I have been a Sprint customer for my wireless service. As a matter fact, Sprint is the only wireless carrier I have ever been a customer of. Some of that loyalty has come from the fact that Sprint is my hometown carrier, having their world headquarters just about 3 miles from my home. However, I also feel a great deal of loyalty because I have quite a few patients that are Sprint employees. So, over the years many people asked me why I didn't have an iPhone. I mean, I'm the iPhone target market being a technophile and a Mac guy.
Well the answer was a simple one, when Sprint could offer the iPhone I would have one.
As most of you know the iPhone came out on the Sprint network this fall and spring has based a big part of their revenue projections on sales of the device. Amazingly I didn't run right out and get one. My Samsung Galaxy was doing “okay” in my life was so crazy busy I just didn't have the time to make the upgrade. I've also been doing some consulting work with a company who works with AT&T and because of that relationship I've also been carrying an AT&T powered Samsung Galaxy II. So between the 2 devices I was getting by.
Then Christmas rolled around, and I needed to come up with something my family could get me. After bit of deliberation I settled on the iPhone 4S.
I own both an iPod Touch and an iPad, so I'm familiar with the IOS operating system. That meant using the iPhone right out-of-the-box was 2nd nature to me.
It's hard to compare  Android and IOS, probably as hard as comparing Mac devices to Windows devices. Both are good and reliable systems and personally I can't decide which one is best. I do like the tight integration between the iPhone and my Mac since both connect via iCloud.  Siri is the personal assistant that follows VoiceCommands and is available only on the 4S. I found it to be a very handy tool to handle things like reading text messages and replying to them. However, I've heard that some folks with accents have had less than stellar performance.
The iPhone 4S is incredibly fast and suffers only slight lag time in opening or switching between programs. The camera provides beautiful pictures I like the rest of the programs is fast in opening, taking, and most importantly storing pictures.
Although the battery life on the 4S was poor when it was 1st released, that problem has been fixed with a software update. I'm finding that with reasonable use I am ending the day with about 75% battery remaining. My personal opinion on that is nothing short of incredible.
Personally I've been thrilled with the decision, but part of that is probably because of my use of Macs in other parts of my life.

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  1. I had an Otter Box on my 3G for 2 years and when I retired it to my iHome radio after getting my 4 it looked like is just came out of the box. Not a scratch on it.

    If you need extra battery life and are willing to take your iPhone out of the Otter Box the Mophie Juice pack battery case just about doubles your battery life. I use it when I will be out all day and using the phone heavily. The rest of the time it is in my 2nd Otter Box.