Friday, January 20, 2012

ioSafe Electrifies Its Thunderbolt Drive


If you're a regular reader, then you know I have a fascination & a high degree of affection for ioSafe.  The company makes indestructible hard drives that can withstand fire of 1550 degrees F for 30 minutes and up to 10 feet of water (fresh or salt) for 3 days.


These things are simply engineered to withstand the most extreme of the extreme circumstances that the world can dish out.  I love their products and always get a kick out of the videos that they send me.  This is the latest.  The company always manages to pull off something amazing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and this year was no exception.  Most hard drives would be terrified of someone shuffling their feet on the carpet… but ioSafe put their up against a Tesla Coil.


When ioSafe goes head to head with Nicola Tesla… well you just know it's going to be fun to watch.  Check it out & then head over to the ioSafe website to see & learn more about their products.  They carry my highest recommendation.

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