Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everything has It's Advantages...

I just read an interesting story about phone operating systems.  In the early days of Apple there were mainly 2 people, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.  Now, everyone knows Jobs.  He went on to become the driving force behind a lot or our current technologies.  However, in the early Apple days, Jobs was the marketing guy... it was Wozniak who designed and built the original Apple computer.  Woz, as he's now known, is one smart guy when it comes to technology.  His forte wasn't public speaking or marketing, like Jobs so he sort of remains on the fringes when it comes to tech press.  However, there is no minimizing of his intellect or his understanding of technology.

So here I was, surfing & reading when I come across a story that says Woz thinks there are things that Android does better than iOS.  It just goes to show that even an Apple lover like Woz can appreciate what the other OS can do.  So, if Woz thinks that... why even argue about which is "best".

Take a read on the article at Cnet & let me know what you think in the comments section.  I've got to tell you, as a user of both Android & iOS, I have to agree with Woz.  Both are good and each does some things better than the other.

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