Sunday, January 29, 2012

Enteral Conscious Sedation Training and Certification is Completed


I just finished a two-day course on enteral conscious sedation held at my alma mater the University of Missouri at Kansas City  School of Dentistry. While I took the course to fulfill requirements legislated by the state of Missouri, I truly feel that a course of this scope would be great for anyone in the field of dentistry.
As professionals and patients alike understand, for many dentistry is fraught with anxiety. In order to help fearful individuals cope with their appointments and receive needed treatment, the field of conscious sedation has greatly expanded in the last 10 years. Giving patients medication to help calm their fears before the appointment begins helps many fearful patients get through their appointments with minimal stress. These types of situations are why I decided to take the course and received my certification.
However, I've got to say that the amount of physiology, pharmacology, and emergency medicine that was covered will make me a better doctor whether I ever provide sedation to a patient or not. I learned so much that I can use not only during emergencies but on a daily basis, that I truly feel anyone involved in the practice of dentistry should give serious consideration to taking a course such as this.
Of course, a great deal of what you learn is because of the teacher. This course was mainly taught by Dr. Brett Ferguson who, more than any other individual, is responsible for my success in this profession. Dr. Ferguson is easily one of the 5 smartest people I have had the great fortune to be around and he presents complicated subjects and information in a way that is entertaining, easy to follow, and easy to understand. Trust me when I say you can't spend 2 days in a classroom with this gentleman and not come away exponentially smarter.
The only downside, is that this course is only taught every 2 years. That means that if you are unlucky enough to not be at the course this weekend you will have to wait until 2014 for your next opportunity. However, I can already tell you that barring some unforeseen problem or emergency, I will be there the next time this class is taught.
This course comes with my highest recommendation. There is no question that even if you have no desire to provide sedation to your patients, you walk out of this class a better doctor or a better auxiliary and what you learn can be a great benefit to your patients.


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