Monday, December 5, 2011

Next Generation Motorola Tablet On the Near Horizon

The buzz around the industry is that Motorola is readying its next tablet for market.  The Xoom, was launched last year and, despite the fact that I happen to have one and like the WiFi version, the market wasn't overly enthused and sales stalled at around a half million units.


However, now comes word that the company is about to deploy a device that *may* be called "Xyboard" in both 8" and 10" models.  The 8 will be sold as a consumer version while the 10 will be focused on business users.


It looks like the devices will have 1.2GHz processors and 1GB of RAM.  They are also redesigning the look of the device and it will have more of an appearance of Motorola's new phones than of a tablet.


I'm hoping Motorola pulls this off.  Competition is good and can only make everyone's devcies better in the long run...

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