Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kavo COMFORTdrive Handpiece Review

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For the past couple of months, I've been evaluating the Kavo COMFORTdrive electric handpiece.  Over the years, I've tried electrics, but my opinion of them was never that high.  Now don't get me wrong, there are definite advantages to an electric handpiece over an air turbine, but I was never impressed enough truly want to change.
My main concerns were: cord weight, handpiece weight, and repair costs.  The biggest disadvantage of the electrics I had tried before the Kavo COMFORTdrive was the drag and weight of the cord.  The cords were bulky and heavy... much more so than air tubing.  I cold actually feel pull & drag on my hand and wrist.  At the end of the day my hand was frequently tired.  Honestly I wondered about carpal tunnel or some other type of repetitive stress injury if I used it every day.  There was also the weight of the handpiece.  Some of the units I tried were heavy and bulky.  Then there was maintenance.  The electrics frequently would last three times longer before needing repair, but would then cost 4 times more to refurbish.
My opinion is now completely different after my time with the Kavo.  I have found the unit to be quiet, comfortable to use, light weight, and an overall dream to use.
The cord is incredibly light weight and offers no more noticeable weight or drag than standard air tubing.  The handpiece itself is incredibly tactile and light.  It has a great feel in the hand and provides an amazing amount of torque.  No matter what the bur speed, the device is difficult to stall and provides smooth efficient operation when in contact with tooth structure.  This means an easier time for the operator and less vibration, noise, and stress for the patient.  The body of the handpiece is smooth and easy to hold, but is not slick... no matter the conditions.  As far a maintenance, repair costs are still more than an air turbine, but those costs have come down somewhat.  I'm happy to report I have had no need for any type of repairs and the device looks as good as the day I took it out of the box despite the fact that it has been under constant use during my testing.  We have cycled the COMFORTdrive through both a Statim and Midmark autoclaves without any changes at all.
I've also  been impressed with the quiet operation and overall "feel" of the handpiece.
If you are looking to upgrade to electric or are looking at adding to your electric armamentarium, I feel you really should give the Kavo a thorough look.  My mind has been changed about the future of electric handpieces.  Nice job Kavo!

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