Monday, December 12, 2011

IGeek Portable Charger.jpg
I came across this device and thought it bears mentioning since some of you who read the blog are probably putting together your Christmas list right now.
The device shown above is a battery that can be charged in then used to recharge any of your USB devices for up to a week. From what I understand, the device will power any device that has a USB power adapter available for it. About the only things it can't recharge our laptops.
if you're like me and spend a fair amount of your time on the road, you probably find yourself swiveling your head as you walk through airports trying to find an available outlet to charge your  precious battery operated devices. By using the iGeek  charger, you can eliminate the process of trying to find those rare available open electrical outlets.
The device is available from  and Amazon for around $62. When you think of the amount of stomach lining you'll save, to me, that seems like a bargain! Links to purchase are available below.

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