Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pronto Forms - A Way to Get Your Patient Registration Digital!

Pront Forms.png
I've been tinkering lately with a pretty cool product that allows you to use a tablet to fill out & sign forms digitally.  The product is called Pronto Forms.
Download the app from their app store.  It is available in both Android & iOS versions.
You can then send them the forms you need to have created.  In my case we emailed in our HIPPA documents, health history, etc.  The company takes these documents and creates digital versions of them.  Once the forms are setup, you simply log into your Pronto Forms account on  your tablet and the forms are right there for a patient to fill out.  The really cool part is that after filling out the necessary info, the patient can sign the form with their fingertip right on the tablet.
Once the forms are completed, they are available for download from the Pronto Forms website and they can be dropped right into your dental software.