Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The New Gendex DP-700 Pan

For an idea of what a "state of the art" digital pan has for resolution and detail, click the image above to see it full size.

As most of you will remember, we recently installed the new Gendex GX DP-700 digital pan machine in my office.  The "700", as we have taken to calling it, is a pretty amazing piece of technology.  Also, as you can see above, it produces some stunningly beautiful radiographs.
We've had the device in service now since October 28th and it has impressed us from day one.  The DP-700 is the newest device in the Gendex pano line and is upgradeable with features such as a ceph arm and 3D cone beam capabilities.  It even has the really cool feature of being able to take bitewing radiographs should the need arise.
We decided to upgrade our pan capabilities for a couple of reasons.  The first was that our previous machine, the Gendex 9200, was starting to get a "bit" long in the tooth and the second is that the DP-700 allows us to take "half mouth" 3D cone beam scans.
The half mouth scans are important to us since I do a fair number of endodontic retreat cases which are always easier when you first have a 3D scan to work with.  My philosophy of retreatment is that there is a reason why the retreat is needed and it makes the treatment more predictable by having as much information preoperatively as possible.  It's pretty amazing when you look at a case and find an untreated accessory canal or some type of bifurcation or other oddity that would be impossible to see without 3D.
We're also placing more and more implants and having a smaller volume of scan means we get just as much information with less exposure, which is always a good thing.
Add to that the fact that we're getting images like the one above on our panoramics and you can see why we're so excited about the DP-700.  If  you are looking for a pan that can provide every option right now... or in the future, give it thorough consideration.

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