Saturday, November 19, 2011

Windmade... Look for It on Products and Make a Difference

WindMade Logo.jpg
Here is something that I think people need to be aware of.  Yesterday, November 18, 2011 was the day the announcement was made of the WindMade Initiative.
This consortium of major corporations is dedicated to preserving the environment my using "green technology" in the manufacture of products.  AAMOF the pledge is to procure at least twenty-five percent of their power from wind energy.  Personally I think this is a movement that is long overdue.
While we all have been aware for several decades that our energy consumption is increasing while the supply remains static, there has been some, but not enough, movement toward renewable energy development & usage.  It has appeared that smaller companies and individuals have put some effort into this, but the real way for this type of technology to make it to the forefront is for large companies with corresponding higher profiles and carbon footprints to endorse the move to these types of renewable energy sources.
That's why I was excited to read about the creation of the WindMade consortium.  These companies have the financial resources and the corresponding marketing budgets to make something like this work.  I'm also excited about the published goal of 25% of their power from wind energy.  That number is significant.  It's not some tiny percentage or some nebulous goal that states  no direct  measurable number.  Many times I've seen things like, but they are lip service only.  This appears to me to be the "real deal".
I'm also impressed with the number of front line type of companies that have decided to become involved with WindMade.  This is not an inclusive list, but members include: Motorola Mobility, Lego, Bloomberg, and the World Wildlife Fund.  These are organizations that are well known and have the wherewithal to make a move like this happen.
Also, devices and products manufactured under these standards will bear the WindMade logo.  Look for it to be sure you're helping support the initiative.  The more we as consumers spend our money on these products, the more we support the initiative and the things it stands for.


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