Monday, November 21, 2011

The Bad Guys are Going After Android... Malware Expands 500% since July 2011

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If you are an Android user and arent' currently using some type of anti-malware protection such as Lookout Mobile Security, you probably should be looking into it.
States from Juniper Networks research has shown an increase in malware of 472% since July 2011 with the majority of this activity coming in September & October.  That's right, the last 2 months have shown a tremendous amount of growth in Android malware.
It seems that most of the threat comes from criminal elements that are looking to steal data.  This is usually done by taking legitimate apps, hacking them, and then putting them into the Android MarketPlace appearing as the legitimate app.  However, when installed they carry with them a dangerous trojan horse payload.
The problem is exploding because Google isn't as controlling of their apps as Apple is.  They don't really analyze apps that are submitted and don't control what apps can be installed.  Because of those 2 points , the bad guys are exploiting the weaknesses to their advantage.
As an Android user, I've used Lookout almost since day 1.  I immediately  installed it on my Galaxy II that I'm testing as well.  Lookout scans the phones daily and also scans all apps installed or updated to make sure they are safe.  If you are an Android user, I'm highly recommending you look at a program like t his... especially if you are using your phone for banking or online shopping.

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