Monday, October 17, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab is Trying a Different Market Approach...

Galaxy Tab Models.jpg
With the iPad being the 800 pound gorilla of tablets and no one seeming to have the wherewithal to move them even a centimeter off their dominance, some companies are trying to come at things from a different angle and I can't say that I can blame them.
Samsung's Galaxy Tab (pictured above) is  the latest to try something new and I say "good for them".
It seems that no matter what form factor a company comes out with, there are always detractors who say "they should've done X" and then insert whatever claim the writer feels the company missed.  For instance, lately it seems that screen size is the big buzz.  If a company creates a screen size similar to the iPad they are hammered because  the iPad already owns that space and where is the feature set that sets it apart?  If a device (like the Amazon Fire) has a smaller screen, they are hammered because "n o one wants a small screen", etc.
So... kudos to the minds at Samsung that came up with the idea of multiple screen sizes.  This means that no matter what form factor the customer wants, chances are they can find a Samsung device that fits those specifications.  Let's face it, the iPad is an amazing device and it truly does own the market, but there is definitely room for others, especially those who are making devices that can slide into the outside pocket of a laptop bag or messenger bag.

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