Monday, October 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy II Trial Starts Today

Galaxy II.jpeg
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would be getting a chance to test and experiment with the new Samsung Galaxy II.  I'm happy to report the device is now in my hands... and my pocket.
While I currently only have limited experience with it, my initial impressions of it are strong.  The device is amazingly thin at just 8.49mm yet has a nice sturdy feel.  This slim design is because of the fact the device has no slide-out keyboard, relying on a soft keyboard only.  Originally when I was thinking about leaving my Galaxy for this new Galaxy II, the no keyboard part had me concerned.  However, I've got to admit (though my experience is extremely limited at this point) the soft keyboard is responsive & easy to use.
The screen is gorgeous using a decent amount of real estate at 4.3 inches and it is a Super AMOLED.  This means it has great resolution and provides better battery life.
I'm also impressed with how fast the device is and I'm sure that is heavily related to the Dual Core Processor that is the heart of the device.
So, my initial impressions are good ones.  I'll start really loading on the apps & seeing what it can do in the coming weeks.

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