Friday, October 14, 2011

PalodentPlus Sectional Matrix System HIts the Market - Your Contacts Will *Never* be the Same


PPlus intro-open.jpg
In a move to upgrade and improve the Palodent sectional matrix system, Dentsply Caulk has announced the arrival of the PalodentPlus Sectional Matrix System.
The system is designed to deliver easy, predictable contact creation by utilizing optimized ring, band, and wedge technology to consistently provide you with accurate contacts.
System Benefits:


Consistently accurate, tight contacts. Rings are made with nickel-titanium to create a consistent force to separate teeth, and then return to their original shape after use, helping to deliver a tight gingival seal and anatomically-shaped restoration.

Wide applications for sectional matrix system use. Ring tine design helps the system remain stable on significantly damaged teeth. Rings are stackable for multiple restorations at once.

Minimized flash and finishing. Ring tines maintain a fit on the tooth that complements the wedge and works with the matrix to seal and shape the restoration, minimizing required finishing.

Wedge compatibility and performance. The V-shape of the tines accommodates the wedge from both sides. Fine wave-shaped wings compress and flare for easy placement and minimize impingement of soft tissue.

Take the stress out of Class II restorations. Use a combination of Palodent® Plus and SureFil® SDR®flow Posterior Bulk Fill Flowable Base. It can be bulk filled up to 4mm and provides excellent cavity adaption and reduced polymerization stress.


If you are familiar with or currently using the Triodent V3 sectional matrix system, you'll be pleasantly surprised.  The PalodentPlus system is being OEM'ed by Triodent exclusively for Dentsply Caulk.


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