Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MIS Implants Technologies Launches New Website Dedicated to its New PeriZone™ Brand of Oral Care Products

PeriZoneOnline.com Explains and also Enables Dentists to Request

Free Samples of its Debut Oral Wound-Healing Product, PerioPatch®

Fair Lawn, NJ (October 20, 2011) – PeriZone™, an oral health product division of MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd., recently launched an independent new website, which will serve as the main means for dental professionals and the general public to learn about all aspects of PeriZone and its products.


www.PeriZoneOnline.com was designed to be very informative, and features a highly intuitive layout and easy navigation.  Upon visiting the website, dental professionals and patients alike can learn more about PeriZone’s first product, PerioPatch®, a unique oral wound barrier that absorbs wound exudates and thus promotes the natural healing of gingival inflammation and irritated gums.


PeriZoneOnline.com features general information about PerioPatch, including how to use the hydrogel patch and how the product works to promote oral wound healing.  What’s more, the website enables dentists to request free samples of the unique oral care product.


According to Noel Wilford, RDH, Director of MIS Implants’ Oral Health Division, “We’re very excited about having an independent PeriZone website and believe strongly in the effectiveness of PerioPatch for oral wound management, which is why we are offering dentists free samples of our innovative hydrogel wound dressing.  We intend to keep this site updated with useful information regarding PerioPatch and other innovative PeriZone oral care products that we have in the in the pipeline.”

About PeriZone™


The PeriZone™ brand of oral health products was founded in 2011 by MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd., a company known for its comprehensive range of dental implants, surgical kits, and superstructures.  In extending the company’s product development expertise into the oral health sector, a division of PeriZone products is being developed to provide dental professionals and their patients with advanced technologies in non-invasive oral care. 

MIS Implants intends to develop and commercialize a number of products under the PeriZone brand that will provide dental professionals with the products they need to provide their patients with advanced oral care.  To learn more about PeriZone, please visit www.perizoneonline.com or follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PeriZone.


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