Saturday, October 29, 2011

iPhone 4S Suffering Battery Woes

iPhone 4S.jpg
New tech is not always without its consequences.  When the iPhone 4 came out, there were complaints of antenna problems.  Now, with the release of the newest flagship Apple iPhone, there are reported problems of battery life.
Now, I'll be the first to admit... I want an iPhone 4S. Even though I've been an Android user for the past year, I'm still a Mac guy at heart and I feel that at this point in time, I'm ready to make the jump.  However, one thing i've learned over the years, especially with phones, is to wait a bit before jumping on the bandwagon since frequently there are a few hiccups which the manufacturer needs to work out.  These usually aren't a big deal, but they do affect the overall way the device performs.
So... when the iPhone 4S came out I was hesitant until I knew for sure that there were no serious bugs.
Now reports are surfacing all over the place of pretty bad battery life for the iPhone 4S.  This is probably an easy fix for Apple, probably a software or firmware update that will make all the difference, but it is still a problem, and a hassle for users that have come to expect the pinnacle from the gang at Cupertino.
Many users are reporting battery life as poor as 8 hours before their shiny new devcies are dead in the water due to a battery indicator in the red.  I'm sure that Apple is hard at work in fixing this, but if you are an owner or a prospective one, this is definitely something to be aware of.
An anonymous Sprint source this week told me about the problem and now I'm seeing it showing up all over the net.  Probably the best overall article on the problems are from information week.  Check it out.


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