Friday, October 28, 2011

Gendex GX DP-700 Training Today

GXDP-700 front view #12FA63-1.jpg
As I stated last week, our office has upgraded our digital panoramic unit.  We have decided to replace our Gendex 9200 panoramic with the new state of the art Gendex GX DP-700 unit.
We're excited to have the new device in the office and today we'll be receiving training on it that will allow us to put it into service first thing Monday morning.
While the staff is really excited to learn all about the pano capabilities of the machine (since the removal of the 9200, they have really missed an easily accessible pan machine), I'm truly fired up to learn the nuances of the unit's 3D imaging capability.
As most of you know, I've been a 3D user for aver 4 years now and I continue to be amazed at what I can see on a 3D imaging scan.  I'm really excited about being able to take smaller scans with the DP-700 for clinical situations such as implants, endodontic retreats, certain impactions, etc.  While I don't think there is truly away to replace the need for a medium field of view scans, I do think that certain situations dictate that a much smaller image be taken.  That's one of the things that I find so exciting about having the DP-700 in the office.  We can now determine whether a small or medium field of view is best and then we can acquire which ever one we need.  So, needless to say we will continue to keep the GX CB-500 unit in the office as well.  Doing so gives us the best of both worlds from a 3D imaging standpoint.
We're also very excited about having a completely new panoramic unit in the office.  Properly taken, a panoramic radiograph can provide amazing amounts of clinical relevant data & information.  I've been a fan of pano's with bitewings and selected PA's for years now and with the phenomenal improvement of digital pan images over the last few years, getting this data is easier and the digital format allows for filters and other image enhancements.
So today, the staff and I will be immersed up to our eyeballs in learning all the bells & whistles of our new digital workhorse.  I can't wait to get started!

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