Monday, October 31, 2011

Discus Drops Transcendentist Line

With Discus being purchased by Philips, there are obviously going to be some changes made.  One of the first is the strategic decision to no longer support the Transcendentist line.  I received the following letter from Discus recently:


Last year Discus Dental partnered with Transcendist Inc to introduce the Transcendist product line of reusable sterilization pouches and wraps, reusable cloth barriers and Joysence to our valued customers.  These innovative green dental products have been well received by many practices all across the country and Discus Dental has been proud in our efforts to help your practice become more environmentally friendly.


As  you know Discus Dental was purchased by Philips and the strategic decision has been made to return the Transcendist-green dentistry product line back to Transcendist Inc.  You may begin contacting Transcendist directly regarding your future order needs and please feel free to contact your  Philips Discus Dental sales representative if you have any questions.

We thank you for your continuing support of Philips Discus Dental and sustainable dentistry.

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