Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple Announces iPhone 4S and *not* iPhone 5 While the World Yawns

I think it's going to take some time, effort, and maybe more for many of us to remember that Steve Jobs is not in control of Apple any more.  Today, Tim Cook, the new CEO, and a parade of other Apple officials made the announcement instead of Steve Jobs.
Everyone was expecting the iPhone 5 and instead they got the iPhone 4S.  Suddenly all was not right.  Apple stock dropped, closing down 2.10 for the day.
I find this whole thing interesting.  There is a new phone with new features and tons to love and everyone seems upset because it's not the iPhone 5, like the addition of that number at the end will make all the difference.  I think what the world really missed was Steve Jobs doing the announcement.  In the tech world, we're so used to seeing Mr. Jobs up there wowing the crowd and making us all believe the iPhone will somehow make us taller, better looking, and maybe, just maybe bring world piece, that we just can't handle having someone else make the announcement.
So, while the tech world has a fit about the fact that it's not the iPhone 5, I'd prefer to say, read this post to see why the 4S really is a big deal.
I think it goes to show the power of Jobs appeal.  I wish him well in his recovery.

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  1. With Apple, there is as much love for the design of the device as there is for the function. Many people were less than enamored with the design of the iPhone 4, and there are hundreds of design ideas that get floated by the denizens of the web between each iteration. When the new phone does not have a new design, especially when it's no where near as cool as the mock ups that people did with photoshop, then people are disappointed.