Saturday, September 17, 2011

Titrating Your Meds with the Apex Ultra Pill Splitter


Apex Ultra Pill Splitter.jpg
For those with older parents or patients that are older, here is a nice and affordable device for them to have.
There are times when, for many reasons, a pill is needed to be cut in half to deliver half a dose.  It may be a matter of pain meds, where a patient doesn't feel they need a full dose.  It may be a matter of a pill too large to swallow comfortably, but for whatever reason, the Ultra Pill Splitter can make it easy.
It has a self retracting blade guard and a pill grip that holds the pill securely.  Close the lid and the pill is easily and safely split into two pieces.

The company has lots of great little devices for helping folks with their medications.

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