Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sprint Announces Their Unlimited Data Plans Will Continue... and Continue

Sprint logo.jpg
On Friday I was  having a techie discussing with one of the Ultradent Reps during a break in my Ultradent sponsored lecture.  "You are a Mac guy and one of the techiest people I've ever met", she said.  "How can you NOT have an iPhone?"
My answer?  I live in Kansas City, home of the Sprint World Headquarters.  Also, I have many Sprint patients and only about 3 AT&T patients.  For me it is about supporting those who support me; it just seems to be the right thing to do.
Of course with rumors running wild about the iPhone coming to Sprint that whole conversation may be moot.
However, there has also been a consistent rumor lately that has dealt a bit with the iPhone as well as the continuing increase in the number of smart phones on the market.  That rumor has been that Sprint will do away with its unlimited data plans.  It isn't that far fetched.  After all AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have done away with their unlimited data plans & it was widely assumed that Sprint would soon follow suit... especially if the announce the iPhone.
However, Sprint customers (like me) can rejoice.  Yesterday, Sprint Chief Technology Officer Stephen Bye announced that Sprint intends to keep its unlimited data plans around.  Citing the fact that it is a competitive advantage and separates them from the other carriers, Bye said that Sprint considers unlimited data a "differentiator".
Now, maintaing the network that provides all this data is expensive... and Sprint knows it.  Bye even went so far as to say, "Is there pressure? Yeah, there's a challenge for all engineers to work on how we get the cost structure down."
Here's hoping they manage to do just that and to keep the unlimited data around for a long, long time.  I've been a Sprint customer since they started wireless service... and I don't plan to change any time soon.