Thursday, September 1, 2011

LaboMed Prima Surgical Operating Microscope


Endo Setup.jpg
The  photo above was one that I Tweeted today while setting up for a root canal procedure in my office (OK, I'll admit that Super Assistant Terri was the one who actually set the room up... I was just there to take the picture).  It's really a great tech story unto itself.  All of that gear to do dentistry and the photo taken with the camera in my Motorola Xoom Android Tablet which then sent the picture and my Tweet out wirelessly to the Net.  Cool huh?
However, the ONE thing I was there to setup was the surgical microscope.  I'm currently working with a nice scope called the Prima.  It is a nice device and provides a very clear field of view.
I'm currently working on a clinical evaluation of the device, but one thing it has going for it already is a rumored price of less than $10,000 US.  I'll report back with more info after I've got more cases under my belt, but here are the specs the company provided for me:


  • 5-step APO chromatic magnification changer
  • Plan APO optics for superior clarity and color rendition (see magnification options)
  • Magnification steps: 0.4x, 0.6x, 1.0x, 1.6x, 2.5x
  • Viewing body: ERGONOMIC binocular 0° - 210° , interpupillary range 55-75mm
  • Wide-field eyepieces: 10x/18mm
  • Manual fine focus Plan APO objective: f=250mm
  • Ergonomic dental microscope carrier with adjustable handgrips
  • Counter-balanced swivel and suspension arm with individual locking knobs
  • Heavy anti-rust base with locking 84mm anti-static castors
  • High output 50W LED with fiber optic cable; up to 60,000 hrs life
  • Full intensity flicker-free control without color change
  • Filters: Integral filter selector with Yellow, Green, and clear filter positions
  • Auto illumination shut-off at top parking position
  • Optional eyepieces: 12.5x/16mm, 16x/16mm
  • Optional PlanAPO objectives: f=175mm; f=200mm; f=300mm; f=400mm
  • Optional motorized fine focus with foot operated control
  • Modular design accepts optional component modules
  • Optional 5 Megapixel iVu camera module with USB2.0 and composite video out
  • Optional Dual ‘Assistant’ bridge for simultaneous observation
  • Optional floorwalltable, and ceiling mounting
  • Optional long suspension arm for chair or wall mounted systems
  • Optional Halogen 150W or 250W Xenon illumination




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