Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Google Travel is Now Booking Your Flights

Google Flights.jpg
Does the innovation at Google ever stop?  I mean it.  These people create 24/7/365.  It's amazing.
The latest nifty little Google creation is Google Flight.   Now this isnt' necessarily a "from scratch" thing.  Google purchase ITA for $700 million, and that company's forte was travel software.
It's a pretty clean interface and when you open it, the site knows your location from your IP address so it inputs your local airport in the "From" drop down & then let's you select in the "To" drop down.  Simply select your destination & the screen will change to show the flight path and then displays all the potential flights under the map.  I was amazed at how quickly it worked.
I've yet to try the service, but I think for at least one of my trips this fall, i'll see how it does for me.  What does it say about my travel schedule when I have an extra trip that I can experiment with?   Don't answer that...
So, if you want to give it a try and then make a comment, head on over to Google Flights

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