Saturday, September 3, 2011

Discus SL3 Laser Evaluation Complete

Discus SL3.jpg
I've been tinkering with and evaluating the SL3 diode laser from Discus since early May.
The footprint of diode lasers has been shrinking ever since they came on the market... which is a good thing.  As many of you know, Discus also sells the NV which is about the size of a SoniCare toothbrush.  While not that small, I'm of the opinion that there is still a market for lasers such as the SL3 which is 5.5" x 7.0" x 5.5" and weighs 1.85 pounds.
We have an NV in the office and we use it multiple times a day so what I was looking for from the SL3 was to have a laser in my "favorite op" which could be used anytime I wanted to just by reaching for it.  I love the European Design cabinetry I have in the clinic and so we put the SL3 in a drawer that has A/C power and it was available just by opening the drawer.
The unidose tips that are used with the device slide over the handpiece and are held in place magnetically.  They are easy to place, easy to use, and easy to dispose of by just removing them and dropping them in a sharps container.
I've found the 3 Watt power of the SL3 to be more than adequate for anything I've done.  We've put it through the paces with a multitude of clinical applications including frenectomies, troughing for impressions, biopsies, incision & drainage, and gingivectomies, just to name a few.  The device has performed well with no problems on all procedures.
The screen is easy to read & the device is easy to setup & program... even for a novice.  The wireless foot control is nice  since it cuts down on  clutter on the floor.  The device can be run on A/C power or on battery so it is easily portable and charges quickly.
It has a voice confirmation of settings which, as an experienced user, i found little use for, but it was easy to simply turn the volume down.  As an aside, I understand from manufacturers that the voice confirmation is popular with many new users.
My only problem with the device was a faulty "power brick" that kept the battery from charging.  However, one email to Discus quickly solved the problem.
Overall I'm very happy with the performance, design, and aesthetic of the SL3.  If you are looking for a diode laser that performs well in all clinical applications, you should definitely consider this unit.


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