Friday, September 9, 2011

Android May Surpass iOS in App Downloads Soon

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Although it's not really a shocker, it still shows how hooked we are all on apps.


Google's Android system is now on a much larger number of devices than Apple's iOS.  That's not to say that Android is "better", but it certainly is more plentiful.


The part of this story that really made me sit up and take notice personally was the sheer number of apps being downloaded.  It is estimated that Apple had 2.7 billion app downloads last year while Android had 1.4 billion.  This year those numbers are expected to grow by 144% this year.  That's a frightening number.


It is readily apparent that it is now an app kind of world.  With mobility increasing every day and our dependence on our mobile devcies increasing as well, the number of apps we need just keeps going through the roof.  Whether you are using Android or Apple, chances are you have tons of apps.  I use both platforms and I know that the reason the devices are so valuable is because of the simple fact the apps make them that way...

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  1. That's interesting to note. When I was developing an app for both iOS and Android - the android was much easier to upload and get into the market place. The iOS was much more difficult - and - essentially led me to develop a web app for iOS.

    Thanks for the update.