Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Amazon Cloud Drive - Impressive & Now Holding *All* My Music


Cloudy with a chance of music... that's the forecast for my life in the foreseeable future.
I've mentioned here several times in the past how the cloud is changing lives every day and has really changed mine in the last couple of years.  With the proliferation of cloud storage, more and more of our lives are being uploaded and accessed from multiple points every day.
Google, Apple, and Amazon are all hoping to move us to The Cloud when it comes to our entertainment and in my world, Amazon was the first to dangle The Cloud in front of my tech glazed eyes.
Earlier this year, I went to my Amazon account to download a song.  I've been an Amazon music customer for several years now.  I first went there because they were one of the first major music download services that didn't encrypt the downloads.  I could download a true MP3 file from the Amazon servers and play it on amy of my several devcies.  I didn't want the un-encrypted music so that I could give it to friends or upload it to some free file sharing service, no I just wanted to be able to play it on whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  I supported Amazon because they supported me.
Earlier this summer I went to download an album & I was told I had 5 free gigabytes of storage so I had a choice.  I could download the music if I wanted to, but I could also store the album on the Amazon Cloud drive.  That meant I could leave the music in The Cloud and play it from any device that had an Internet connection.  I found this pretty handy and I hadn't downloaded much music to my hard drive since.
Imagine my shock and excitement when a couple of weeks ago I learned that I could upload my entire music collection to my Amazon Cloud Drive!  In a nutshell, I downloaded the Amazon Uploader software.  This program searched my hard drive and then offered to upload any MP3 files it found.  That means that pretty much my entire collection was available for free storage on the Amazon servers.  It took over 90 hours, but over the  holiday weekend, the process was complete.  Now my entire music collection is now in The Cloud.
I'm still backing up my hard drive based tunes, but I sleep better  knowing that Amazon is also storing & backing up my music.
Trust me,  you'll like the cloud...


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